beach flowerWeekly Virtual Sessions:  I can provide services online for Individuals, responsible teens, non-violent Couples and small families up to 3 people, via a secured,  HIPPA Compliant video platform.  Telehealth can be reimbursed through Insurance;  I can help verify if I'm in network with your provider or use out of network benefits.  Some plans have deductibles that need to be met first; regular rate when paying down a deducible is $90/hr.  I try to keep weekly sessions at the same day/time each week for consistency and ease of scheduling.  But the online platform allows for more flexibility than traditional settings;  so please feel free to discuss your needs with me.  

Inconsistent attendance or missed sessions may result in additional fees and termination of services.  Please note that online therapy may not be a good option for all persons and the Therapist reserves the right to stop treatment and refer those who may be in need of more specialized treatment (i.e. actively suicidal clients, those needing emergency/psychiatric evaluation, medical detox from addictive substances, etc.) at any time during the process.  

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Weekly Messaging Enhancer: $75/mo (a $120 value) : This Enhancer gives you additional access to me throughout the week, beyond the traditional therapy hour.  In between sessions, I will provide you with written recaps of sessions, themes, prompts, questions, worksheets, links and other additional asynchronistic communication throughout the week (usually once daily, up to 5 days/week).  Asynchronistic communication means "not in real time" and will come in the form of private/secured email exchanges.  It is NOT live messaging or IM.  The Weekly Messaging Enhancer might be good for a new client or a client who needs extra motivation to apply new concepts and strategies into daily life.  This Enhancer can be renewed monthly as needed or discontinued at any time after the first 30 days.  

Coming Soon . . . Self-Study Courses!  Various mental health information and strategies delivered in a simple, digestible Self-guided format.  


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