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I started my career in 1999 working for non-profit community agencies and schools that served the mental health needs of under-served youth and families in the greater Los Angeles area.  During these years, I gained a wealth of experience dealing with issues related to Trauma, Child Abuse/Neglect, Foster Care/Adoptions, Severe Emotional/Behavioral Disorders, Suicide Prevention, Harm Reduction, Substance Abuse, Learning Disabilities, ADHD and more.  I have been trained in Evidence Based Practices such as Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational InterviewingInterpersonal Therapy for Depression.  I am a seasoned professional, who understands the need for a safe, comfortable and confidential space that promotes healing and change.  

I studied Spiritual Psychology and received my MA in Counseling Psychology in 2004 from University of Santa Monica.  This training has greatly influenced my approach to therapy, which is Holistic; addressing the connection between body, mind, heart AND soul.  This syncs up nicely with the continued, emerging popularity and mainstreaming of Mindfulness, Meditation, Nutrition, Bodywork, and other Integrative Wellness practices.  My annual Continued Education focuses on keeping me engaged in and abreast of the latest advances in Holistic interventions in Mental Health. 

The marriage of traditional and alternative approaches to therapy has further culminated to match the changing times and need for convenient and affordable access to weekly therapy.  I am excited and proud to now be able to provide Telehealth or Virtual Counseling online, full time to anyone who is a CA resident.  In this capacity, I now specialize in the treatment of symptoms related to Mood (Depression & Anxiety), Trauma, Grief/Loss, Chronic Pain, Insomnia, Relational Issues, Managing Stress/Work-Life Balance and more.  

I look forward to hearing your story and witnessing your journey.  I will be happy to listen, guide and support the best I can.

In Wellness, Caryn



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